Oduru Nageswara Rao and his son Kishore, hailing from the small village of Chebrolu in the Gollaprolu mandal, are making headlines for their unique agricultural venture.

Their passion for rare and profitable mango varieties has transformed their four-acre orchard in Tammayyapeta village, Thodangi Mandal, into a global mango hub. They have successfully cultivated various exotic mango varieties, including the world’s most expensive- Miyazaki mango. Their collection also includes the Apple Mango, Banana Mango, Blue Mango, Black Stone Mango, and Black and White Jamun Mangoes, all sourced from Thailand.

Despite their foreign origins, these mango varieties have adapted well to the climate of Andhra Pradesh, yielding impressive harvests. The father-son duo is committed to organic farming practices, shunning chemicals and pesticides.
“Miyazaki mango can fetch up to Rs 2.70 lakh per kg when converted from the Japanese yen. This variety has higher levels of beta-carotene, folic acid, and antacids compared to regular mangoes. We started with four Miyazaki plants, yielding just one mango last year. But this year’s crop was bountiful, with each tree producing 3 to 4 mangoes per kg," said the young farmer, Kishore.

Unlike most farmers, they aren’t selling these precious fruits. Instead, they’ve been distributing their rare mangoes to friends and relatives at no charge.

“I discovered the Miyazaki mango online and decided to cultivate it. We are delighted with the successful harvest," Kishore shared with a beaming smile.