Starting an agribusiness can be a lucrative venture, given the increasing demand for sustainable and locally sourced food products. Here are ten profitable agribusiness ideas you can consider starting in 2023:

1. Organic Farming: 
Set up an organic farm to grow fruits, vegetables, or herbs without the use of synthetic chemicals. Organic produce is in high demand due to its perceived health benefits.

2. Aquaponics Farming: 
Combine aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponics (soil-less plant cultivation) to create an efficient and sustainable system. You can grow fish and plants simultaneously, reducing water usage and maximizing productivity.

3. Vertical Farming: 
Utilize vertical space by growing crops indoors in stacked layers. This method allows for year-round production, higher crop yields, and reduced water consumption compared to traditional farming.

4. Microgreen Production: 
Grow and sell microgreens, which are young vegetable greens with high nutritional value. These are often used as garnishes or in salads, and the demand for them is increasing in high-end restaurants and health-conscious markets.

5. Mushroom Cultivation: 
Start a mushroom farm and cultivate various types of edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are in high demand due to their versatility in culinary applications and potential health benefits.

6. Beekeeping and Honey Production: 
Set up beehives to produce honey and other bee-related products. With the decline in honeybee populations, local honey production is becoming increasingly popular.

7. Snail Farming: 
Establish a snail farm to breed and sell snails for consumption. Snails are a delicacy in many cuisines and have a growing market demand.

8. Vermiculture and Compost Production: 
Develop a vermicomposting operation to produce organic compost and nutrient-rich soil amendments. This can cater to both home gardeners and commercial agriculture.

9. Specialty Crop Production: 
Focus on growing high-value specialty crops such as saffron, lavender, or truffles. These crops often command premium prices due to their unique characteristics and limited availability.

10. Herbs and Medicinal Plants: 
Cultivate herbs and medicinal plants used in traditional medicine or natural health products. There is a growing market for these products as people seek natural alternatives for wellness and health.

Before starting any agribusiness, conduct thorough market research, create a solid business plan, and consider the local demand and competition in your area. Additionally, evaluate the resources, land availability, and expertise required for each specific venture to ensure its profitability and sustainability.