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Designation: Crop Manager (Field Crops & Vegetables)
Qualification: B.Sc (Agriculture) & MBA (ABM) 
Experience: 5-10 years as a Crop/Product Manager
Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
Job Description: 
1. Planning of product volumes (LRP) & Pricing
2. Product Portfolio Management(PLC)
3. Market Segmentation & Product positioning
4. Drive Net Contribution(NRV)
5. Customer need analysis 
6. Product Supply, allocation & sales return management 
7. New product launch plans
8. Market potential analysis 
9. Crop competitive intelligence

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J.K. Organisation is a pioneer in the market with its products commanding a strong brand presence in the market and enjoys a significant market share in their respective segments. The group has a strong nationwide sales and service network of over 10,000 distributors and large number of retailers and service centers. The strong brand equity of the Group has been established through years of hard work and exemplary performance aided by the use of the latest technologies, continuous research, development and innovation. The Organisation has set up highly reputed Research and Development Institutes in various fields.

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